Activity Domains

Corporate Law

The law office of Valérie Lacroux-Mainguy has developped a strong and varied experience in Corporate law having worked in a number of renowned business law offices and having taught Corporate law at a University for five years working for the well known Professor and barrister Dominique Schmidt and the Professor Géraldine Goffaux.

In addition,s the law office provides assistance in day to day businesses:

  • Through legal assistance for the running of the company: creation , transformation, preparation of the paperwork relating to structural modifications of the company (change of officers, change of registered office, change of accounting reference date, change of name) liquidation proceedings as well as out of court restructurings, documentation in relation to annual accounts, changes to share structure (increase in capital), transfer of shares ;
  • through legal advice on every practical question concerning the company ( social and tax regulations concerning the management, conditions to have an employment contract with a mandate in a board committee or as director, civil or criminal liability of the management)

and at the critical moments :

  • Litigations relating to an asset and liability guarantee, conflicts between shareholders, protection of minority shareholders against abuses of the majority, misuse of company assets...

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